About Us

Food Forest Farm

Growing green, giving life.

At Food Forest Farm, we are committed to using the most natural and eco-systemic growing techniques to produce food which are not only Wholesome but Safe, to consume with Freshness that will contribute good nutrition and support sustainable living.

We use NO herbicides or pesticides. We respect the interconnection and relationship between the HUMAN, the EARTH and all things ORGANIC and INORGANIC in our daily work.

Our Quality Commitment
Our produce are grown in our greenhouses, food forest and home gardens located in Sigar Highlands, Lojing, Kelantan. We harvest and deliver JUST IN TIME for market and retail to ensure FRESHNESS for delivery or collection by Customers.

We choose DIRECT SELLING to Consumers at a FAIR price. This eliminates additional storage and handling costs where Freshness can be compromised.

To get any fresher produce, you would have to grow it yourself!

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  1. I’m cantaloupe or rock melon die hard fan. Many time find those imported rock melons are on the pricey side. I bought 2 rock melons and 1 apollo melon from Isetan KLCC last Saturday. .absolutely impressed with the quality of our local melons…. keep up the good work and never stop continue to further improvised. Thank you!

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